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We don't push out tens of stocks that "may" have potential. We provide you with 3 stock picks our team has researched and chosen confidently with aims to reach 100% minimum.


Minimum gain from our Stock Picks


we give you only 3

Our team's profits within  Q1 2020 so far.

We prefer quality over quantity


Most Recent Stock Picks

We clearly define when to enter and when to exit, before the jump.

Ideanomics (IDEX)
Entry: $0.395
Exit: $3.98



Remark Holdings (MARK)
Entry: $0.75
Exit: $3.00


Genius Brands(GNUS)
Entry: $0.70
Exit: $4.50


Unlike other resources that push out tens of stocks, we give you quality over quantity.


We provide you three stocks which we believe will increase by at least 100% in price. Also known as our long positions, which have a maximum 6 month timeline.


We will also provide swing positions( stocks you only hold for max 2 weeks), which yield on average


Clear Instructions

We tell you when to enter(what price to buy in), when to exit(Minimum price to leave), and our suggested stop loss(safeguard against market uncertainty).



"I started with $286,000 and within 6 months my account crossed $700,000 thanks to Fortune Alerts"


6 month  member

"Definitely worth every penny, I recouped the fee within the month"


6 month member

"I followed their swing trade suggestions and made $4,000 a month!"


6 month member

Follow Our Directions

We provide detailed directions for a reason, please try to follow them for the best results.

  • For our long positions(3 picks) we suggest a maximum investment of $250,000 and a minimum investment of $10,000

  • For our day/swing trades we suggest a maximum investment of $50,000 and a minimum investment of $10,000

  • We suggest placing a 5% stop loss order from our minimum range

  • Our picks generally exceed 100% gain, it is your choice to remain invested in that stock. Our rule: don't be greedy, secure profits.


Platform Under Re-Construction

Fill out a contact form to be placed in our waitlist and receive a special coupon when its ready!

You Will Get:

-At Least 3 Long Stock Picks(100%'ers)

-Numerous Swing Stock Picks(5-10%'ers)

-Detailed Reports emailed to you every Sunday at Noon CST

-Responsive Contact, If you don't make your entire fee back within the month submit a contact form for us to get back to you and advise on your next steps

  • Once payment is complete our system will automatically register you.

  • You will receive emails with stock picks and action plans every Sunday(3 month plan)

  • You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of sign up.

  • We are confident that you will make back the entire 3 month fee within one month. Contact us if you don't so we can help you.


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Disclaimer: Our team may be invested in our Fortune Alerts. We do not guarantee and results or financial advice, we simply base our alerts on our well informed opinions.