Fortune Alerts

is the only Quality vs Quantity stock-picking platform that provides uncompromising quality picks. Our Fortune Alerts are released only after hours of research, communication with the company, vetting, and risk/reward profiling.

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Quality Stock Picks

We provide a variety of stock picks including: Our famous Fortune Alerts, Swing Picks, and hand-picked stocks from paid alert platforms(discords, premium twitter streams, and online platforms). Our members get access to this in our monthly subscription. 

Our research backed Fortune Alerts are only provided to our members once we analyze, vet, and confirm ourselves. We invest in all of our fortune alerts. Check out an example of our research here, communicating with IR to validate parts of our thesis using public information. Check where SUP is now!


Premium Newsletter

Included in with our subscription, we provide weekly newsletters that include news from premium news sources like: WSJ, Bloomberg, Barron's, and much more.

Total Value ,including our Premium Newsletter, exceed  $1500/month if you were to individually subscribe to each source, not including the time it takes to sieve through and analyze every stock.